armored vehicles

•Responds on very short notice to armed infiltration at the perimeter and construction site
•QRF team responds when any threat is identified
•TAV Security QRF team mobilizes in as little as 3 minutes

•Personnel required to have at least 2 full years of experience in country

•QRF teams are highly trained to respond in any event including terrorist attack or similar actions against the Joint Forces, facilities, or personnel

•T-Walls, Jersey Barriers
•Concrete Bunkers
•Static Guard Towers
•5 Lanes Entrance
•C-Wire and Sand Bags
•Dog Team Search
•Access, Camp Badges
•Roving Guards
•Metal Detector Search
•Hand Search

•Door to Door Escort from Border to the Site and back
•Assistance in Turkey TAV in Izmir
•Armed Personnel
•Armored Vehicles Ford F350 or equal with Tracking System
•Multiple Lanes of Communication
•Rescue and Recovery Truck
•Registered Movements (In-House & CMD) 72 Hours Advance Scheduling
•QRF Teams on call
•Special Entry Lanes at Jobsite
•Convoy Camp for Truck Drivers

Quick reaction force

Static guard

psd and Convoy Security Escorts