At TAV Security our philosophy is the complete integration of our Host Nationals and their skill sets, as well as the professional development of everyone on our team. Our projects comprise various elements, which are a composition of Host National personnel and international staff. The TAV Security integrated program has proven to be of mutual benefit to all parties involved, and has resulted in a very positive work environment. TAV Security will always conduct Operations with a “can do” attitude and the highest level of professionalism obtainable. 



TAV Security was founded as a security and risk management firm in 2008, and has since developed into a diverse services company with an expansive project portfolio. Today, we aid a range of international organizations, European Union Member States, and the U.S. Government. We employ the most dedicated professionals, trained and certified in law enforcement and all techniques for international security standards and services.

TAV Security is dedicated to assure safe and effective operations in high risk environments for our customers while maximizing cost efficiency. TAV Security has grown and diversified while maintaining our core values: safety, integrity, diversity, and operational success. Our growth is interdependent upon our ability to deliver and on the quality assurance and quality control the market sectors can accommodate, demand, and maintain. As we evolve, TAV Security remains committed to delivering the highest standards of professionalism and service. We place client safety and security above all else.